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Trees provide many benefits to our daily lives, they offer CO2 reduction from the air we breathe, they provide shade for our homes in the summer and when their leaves fall provide sunlight to help warm up our homes in the winter, they help beautify our landscape and neighborhoods, and a study on shopping showed that people spend more money and shop more in areas that have more trees. So, it makes sense to do whatever is necessary to keep them as healthy as possible.

Sometimes trees get sick with fungus or bacterial infections as well as playing host to sucking insects such as aphids, lace bugs, scale insect crawlers, and adelgids. Thanks to technology surrounding the care of trees, professional landscape companies are no longer limited to just spraying a diseased tree while harming the surrounding trees and polluting the air with harmful chemicals.

Spraying a tree with a pesticide will only get on the outside bark of the tree and into the soil so it isn’t a very effective method of caring for a sick tree.

The most effective way to take care of a sick or diseased tree is through tree injections. Tree injections are an environmentally safe process where a few small holes are drilled into the bark of the tree and the insecticide moves directly with the flow of the sap within the tree and moves throughout the tree to the branches and roots.

There are two types of injections; the first is Macro Infusion is where holes are drilled into the bark and into the xylem at the base of the tree and a little bit below the ground to the roots, an infusion tube is attached to the hole and the chemicals are infused into the tree.

The second type of injection is Micro-injections where less injections are made and they are made higher up along the tree. A professional landscaping company will know the best way to treat your sick tree since there are factors that go into how to treat it such as the type of tree, what disease it has and other considerations.

All of the insecticides are confined within the tree and will not leak out into the environment, and this procedure can be done in any climate and in any weather conditions.

Tree injections are also very cost effective because it can be expensive and messy to remove a tree instead of treating the tree from the inside and making it healthy again. This system of removing fungus and other diseases is more effective than just spraying the tree with insecticides, when the chemicals are injected into the tree they will move throughout the entire tree treating every part of it, and treatment will be effective for around 2 years.

Tree injections are the safest, most effective way to treat your sick or infested tree, so call your local landscape company and see if they can help your tree get healthy again.

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