Why You Need To Maintain Your Trees

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Those tall beautiful things outside of your home aren’t going to take care of themselves, they need a little TLC just like you do.

It really is best (unless you are a total green thumb) to consult a professional tree service company or landscape company to ensure your trees are regularly  and properly maintained.  You certainly CAN do it yourself if you have the knowledge and are diligent about keeping up the care. Most tree service companies will provided a custom tree maintenance program designed specifically for each one of your trees.

Trees are an important part of your yard and your neighborhood, they create a beautiful space for you to sit under it’s shade and have a picnic, and it provides fruit for us to eat, so we need to take care of them correctly.

Many people have no idea what needs to be done to properly care for their trees, it’s not just about watering them and hoping for the best. They need nutrients, they need fertilizer, and they need mulch, they also need to have good soil and healthy roots. Having your trees maintained regularly will keep them healthy and thriving and keep them resistant to diseases and infections.

Keeping your trees fertilized with a slow-release tree fertilizer is an important step to keeping your tree healthy and resistant to damage even under adverse weather conditions. Your trees will thrive and bloom with the added nutrients while increasing the strength of its roots. Along with synthetic fertilizers, natural organic compost such as fallen leaves and cut grass are amazing recycled materials that can help keep your trees healthy.

Mulching around the base of your trees is also an important step to better tree health. Apply a 1 to 3 inch layer of mulch around your trees extending to about 3 feet away from the tree.  Mulch will keep weeds at bay and it will keep the soil around the tree moist, it insulates the soil from hot and cold temperatures, it the soil from getting compacted, and it keeps lawn mowers away from the tree so there is no damage to the trunks.

Proper tree pruning is important to tree growth and the overall health of your trees. They need dead and diseased branches to be removed so insects or unwanted bacteria won’t enter the tree. Eliminate branches that cross each other and rub together, this can cause damage to the branches. Pruning can stimulate the growth of a particular area that needs more growth. For safety reasons pruning is important to keep low hanging branches and limbs away from buildings, power lines and cars.

Lastly, watering your trees are vital to their health and growth. How much water they need will depend upon factors such as the amount of rainfall it receives, and the type of soil that surrounds it. Watering is best done in the morning and it needs to soak way down in the ground to its roots, puddles around the trees and water runoff is a waste of water and you will know that the water isn’t penetrating the deep soil and roots.

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