If you are looking to redo your yard in southern California, it is time to start thinking about drought friendly landscapes.

Everyone was looking forward to El Nino and hoping that it would fix the drought issues there.  Well, it didn’t happen.  And quite frankly if we have 5 years of El Nino in a row it still wouldn’t fix our drought issues. The water companies have made it clean it isn’t a matter of if, but rather when all Southern Californians will be faced with even higher water bills unless they drastically reduce their water usage.

Things to consider:

  1. You may want to consider getting turf. I know most of you are going to freak out about having plastic grass, but these days it looks real (more real that it did) and it doesn’t get super hot in the sun like it used to.  Try calling your local turf company to get a quote.
  2. Have a representative from your water company come out and give you an idea on water saving tips and figure your water usage.  If the new pricing is going to raise your prices beyond what you are willing to spend. Then ask if they have a local landscaping company to come help you.
  3. Search Google for a local landscape design company. They will be able to help you make your ideas for a dream yard come true along with one that will save you money.  They will be able to help you find plants that are local to your region, so if you are in southern California you won’t be selecting plants that are happy in a rain forrest. Drought friendly plants are cactus and desert plants.  There are beautiful trees and plants that are native to areas that do not get much rain.
  4. Make sure you like the designer and the person installing your plants and landscaping, because you will be spending a lot of time and money with them. Jerry Brown declared the drought was over and that certainly wasn’t the case.  The LA times posted an article that indicated that the western part of the US could be in a drought for the rest of this century.  That’s a long time. As the population in California increases and the La Nina years come that follow El Nino – we are going to really have to figure out how to reduce water costs and landscaping with turf and drought friendly plants are probably going to be mandatory.So here is the prediction…Groundwater is depleting and is getting contaminated. The ocean will rice and more salt water will be pushed further inland and therefore causing more contamination.  We will have less snow fall in the Sierras. Irrigation run off will become more toxic and the imported water will be even saltier.
    If you want a green lawn then maybe you might want to consider the east coast, the islands or maybe going over the pond to England.  Or perhaps you could paint your lawn.  Yes, Virginia there are painted lawns!



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