If you are looking to redo your yard in southern California, it is time to start thinking about drought friendly landscapes.

Everyone was looking forward to El Nino and hoping that it would fix the drought issues there.  Well, it didn’t happen.  And quite frankly if we have 5 years of El Nino in a row it still wouldn’t fix our drought issues. The water companies have made it clean it isn’t a matter of if, but rather when all Southern Californians will be faced with even higher water bills unless they drastically reduce their water usage.

Things to consider:

  1. You may want to consider getting turf. I know most of you are going to freak out about having plastic grass, but these days it looks real (more real that it did) and it doesn’t get super hot in the sun like it used to.  Try calling your local turf company to get a quote.
  2. Have a representative from your water company come out and give you an idea on water saving tips and figure your water usage.  If the new pricing is going to raise your prices beyond what you are willing to spend. Then ask if they have a local landscaping company to come help you.
  3. Search Google for a local landscape design company. They will be able to help you make your ideas for a dream yard come true along with one that will save you money.  They will be able to help you find plants that are local to your region, so if you are in southern California you won’t be selecting plants that are happy in a rain forrest. Drought friendly plants are cactus and desert plants.  There are beautiful trees and plants that are native to areas that do not get much rain.
  4. Make sure you like the designer and the person installing your plants and landscaping, because you will be spending a lot of time and money with them. Jerry Brown declared the drought was over and that certainly wasn’t the case.  The LA times posted an article that indicated that the western part of the US could be in a drought for the rest of this century.  That’s a long time. As the population in California increases and the La Nina years come that follow El Nino – we are going to really have to figure out how to reduce water costs and landscaping with turf and drought friendly plants are probably going to be mandatory. Continue reading “Landscaping”

Save Money by Planting Trees

Your trees are an important part of your lawn. They not only give shade and comfort to your household and add worth to your residence, they provide an essential cost-savings chance. “You could considerably minimize your cooling and heating bills by planting trees and taking care of them,” states Bayer Advanced ™ Yard Expert Lance Walheim, a best-selling author and also normal contributor to Sundown magazine.

treeplacement2Attempt this examination: Stroll through the timbers on a hot day. Notice how much cooler it is? Leaves block sunlight. Take the exact same walk in the winter season. It feels warmer because the trees, now without their fallen leaves, enable sunlight to pass through, while the trunks as well as limbs function as a wind-breaker, thereby reducing windchill.

Based on the Colorado State University Cooperative Expansion, your wintertime home heating costs could possibly be minimized by as much as 25 percent and summertime cooling costs by 50 percent if you put trees in the most effective places around your residence.

The east and west sides are crucial to shade because of the path of the sunlight. Aim to maintain the south side of your residence unshaded so winter sunlight can warm up the house during the cooler months.

The ideal shade tree is about 25- to 50-feet high with a huge cover. A tree that dimension will partially shade the roofing of a one-story house yet will certainly not get too large for a lot of buildings. You wish to grow your trees at the very least 10 feet from the foundation to stop roots from breaking through. Plant trees further from your house to stay clear of ruining it in a storm. Your residence and yard facility can advise proper tree types for your landscape.

Exactly how do you keep your trees around for many years? The trick is preventing troubles. Pests damage more trees every year compared to wildfires. You can shield your trees from bugs using Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub Insect Control with Merit®. Mix it in a watering can and pour at the base of the tree. It’s taken in through the roots and systemically moves with the tree, eliminating Japanese beetles, aphids, the Emerald Ash Borer, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid as well as other listed insects. One application lasts approximately 12 months- longer compared to other items.

Celebrating Arbor Day

Arbor-Day-Quotes-20 (1)Arbor Day, as it is frequently recognized today, is of American origin and also was initially noted in Nebraska, USA on the 10th of April 1872. Currently it is noted on the last Friday in April. Arbor Day in different kinds and names is currently observed in greater than fifty nations.

Arbor in Latin means a tree. The spirit of Arbor Day is to plant trees and look after them and help them grow solid. It is what we return to nature. If we think about our ancestors, we could envision the reliance on trees in those times. Trees were commonly utilized for wood, fruits, flowers and the color a tree gave. The earliest human beings obtained significant gain from the trees. We are all obliged to trees. Can birds make it through without trees?

Think about a tree. A lot of the trees grow from a small seed. Allow us to be a little philosophical. The seed makes a tree and the tree offers many even more seeds, that then offers so many trees and then a lot more seeds. How many trees does a seed contain? Infinite. Is this not an interesting thought? The trees stand alone on a tract. The roots go deep down the earth as well as hold the soil highly. The tree provides fallen leaves, wood, bark, fruits, blossoms, sometimes various types of gums and color for the worn out souls. A tree provides all that it has responded to the animal globe. In deep forests, many pets rest below the trees in the afternoons, and the birds make many nests on the trees. Can one envision the value of trees in the ecological balance? It can not be determined. The butterflies learn about that compared to a number of us humans.

Many of us have actually seen a lot of trees in our youth that we never provide a thought to them. See a desert and you will certainly understand the true blessing that are trees. The desert looks so desolate without any growth, without the trees. Where are the singing birds in a desert? Where are the fruits, the blossoms, as well as the color? Trees are required for our growth, and they inform us regarding a generous life. After you plant a tree and assist it growing, it asks absolutely nothing from you for its life time. It just gives. That is the altruism of trees which is just how a life must be lived by we all. Provide a lot more as well as expect less in return.

Tree Diseases And What To Do About Them

If you own a home, chances are you have a yard and in that yard you probably have some trees. You want to keep those trees of yours healthy and flourishing, but sometimes a tree can become infected with various bacterial and fungal infections.

There are a variety of reasons why a tree can become sick. It can be because of the soil, the location of the tree, the climate surrounding the tree, and / or the plants around the tree.

If any of your trees become sick you will need to bring in your local tree service or landscaping company to determine the cause of the disease and any issues you might be having within your yard.

They will want to take care of the diseased tree and to prevent spreading the disease to other trees. Trees are an important part of your yard, they create a beautiful space around your home and can also help to cool and insulate your home as well so making sure they are healthy and last a long time is an important part of their regular upkeep.

Some of the most common diseases are:

  • Canker Disease which looks just like a blister or canker sore on the tree bark and it is caused by an open cut in the tree and bacteria or fungus gets in the opening and spreads the disease. Weak trees caused by drought or improper nutrition makes a tree more susceptible to canker diseases.
  • Powdery Mildew Disease infects trees and plants and leaves a white powdery like substance on the leaves and tree stems.
  • Heart Rot Disease is caused by fungus growing on bare wood or a cut in the tree, if a tree isn’t properly pruned or becomes damaged this disease can take over.
  • Root and Butt Rot Disease is a dark fungus that grows on the trunk of the trees and mushrooms will be seen at the bottom of the tree.
  • Verticillium Wilt Disease is a disease that starts in the soil and gets into the roots of the trees and it is a very contagious fungus that can infect other plants in your garden.
  • Scooty Mold Disease happens when there are a lot of insects living on the tree and the fungus feeds off of the honeydew of insects. You will see a dark powder on the leaves of the tree.

Having an arborist inspect your diseased tree and determine the best course of action to treat the tree is the best solution. With the right tree care, which includes feeding, mulching, pruning and watering your trees can have a fighting chance to stay healthy and disease free. That’s why it’s important to have a professional landscaping team on board to keep an eye on your yard and to protect your trees and plants from diseases. With regular care you can keep diseases at bay.

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Why You Need To Maintain Your Trees

tree service san clemente tlc

Those tall beautiful things outside of your home aren’t going to take care of themselves, they need a little TLC just like you do.

It really is best (unless you are a total green thumb) to consult a professional tree service company or landscape company to ensure your trees are regularly  and properly maintained.  You certainly CAN do it yourself if you have the knowledge and are diligent about keeping up the care. Most tree service companies will provided a custom tree maintenance program designed specifically for each one of your trees.

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Tree injenctions

Tree Removal San Clemente

Trees provide many benefits to our daily lives, they offer CO2 reduction from the air we breathe, they provide shade for our homes in the summer and when their leaves fall provide sunlight to help warm up our homes in the winter, they help beautify our landscape and neighborhoods, and a study on shopping showed that people spend more money and shop more in areas that have more trees. So, it makes sense to do whatever is necessary to keep them as healthy as possible.

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Need Grading and Excavation Service?

You probably have a tree service contractor that comes frequently and takes care of your lawn, your trees and other plants in your yard. But, did you know that most can do more than that?

Many companies can perform grading and excavation services such as driveway or sidewalk grading, land clearing and leveling, landscape preparation, and wood milling.

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Landscaping Tips for Newbies

Did you buy a new home and are looking into landscaping your front or back yard?  It can be a daunting task.  You need to find someone to design it, and install it, and decide on what plants work in your climate that you actually like, in the shade, in the sun.  It is overwhelming.
Who has time to get a degree to do it yourself?  I am hoping the following tips will help you with coming up with some ideas and finding the right professional to help if you need one.

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